Privacy Policy

InEngage is a free service used to engage with other users on Instagram. The user is not forced to spend money when using our app, it's optional.

This website delivers information about what and how we use data in our app. If you have any further questions about our service, feel free to conctact us via E-Mail at

Log data

Our app logs data which is required to deliver a perfectly working service. That can be an error which triggers a function to log the crash report on a backend server. Data like your device name, Android version, the properties of your device and in some cases information about your Instagram account will then be passed to the backend server, in our case Firebase-Firestore. By that we can fix crashes and bugs as fast as possible. We do not log any personal data without the user wanting us to.

Third party services

We make our app work by using the following third party services:


Cookies contain a small amount of information. We use cookies to identify a user and they're needed to make our service work. By using cookies we try to optimize the experience of our app for the user.


Security is one of our main priorities. We give our best to keep the users information save and prevent the access to others. We do not require credit card information or other sensive data, we are just handling with basic information. But keep in mind, no service is 100% secure so we can not garantee an undefeatable security.

Transfering data

By using our service you acknowledge your information saved in cookies is being transfered to third party platforms like Instagram.

Personal data

Our service does not use any personal data if not wanted by the user. All the information we use is accepted by the user, for example choosing a picture to display in our service. When taking part of the community, you allow us to display your pictures uploaded on the Instagram servers in our app. We do not track or save any external data stored on the users device.

Childrens's information

Our service is not made for children under the age of 13. If we detect any data of children who have not reached the age limit, we will immediately remove the content from our database. Anyways it's not our task to control who is using our service. If parents think their children are providing any sensive information to our service feel free to contact us and we will give our best to remove the data as fast as possible without leaving any traces.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

You must expect changes to this privacy policy without us contacting you. The changes are active as soon as updated on this website.